Open nose surgery in Hamburg

The aesthetic nose surgery can be performed by means of an open or closed approach. This is not a particular technique, but merely a different way of accessing the nasal structures, such as the nasal bridge, the nasal tip and the nasal septum. We perform almost exclusively open access procedures in our practice in Hamburg.


The surgical technique intended to induce the desired modification of the nose remains absolutely the same. Open merely means that you open the nose via a small additional incision on the columella. This incision is approx. 5mm long. 


The closed approach, on the other hand, involves operating along the left and the right tunnel and placing the incision inside the nasal passage to unveil the nose.

The open approach ensures a clear, tension-free surgical operating site

If an open approach is performed, the scar is barely visible afterwards.
If an open approach is performed, the scar is barely visible afterwards.

Why choose an open approach when it is possible to operate without an additional incision?


Scars have always been associated with negative connotations, especially when they are visible. However, every scar is unique. The incision is very small in the open nasal approach. The skin at the columella is also extremely fine.


And that is the clear advantage when it comes to wound healing after a nose job: The skin is fine and free of tension, so it can heal with almost no scarring.


In the vast majority of cases, the scar on the columella disappears after a few weeks. Occasionally, minor redness may appear for a few months. Finally, there are very few exceptions that require a local scar correction under local anaesthesia. 

Very few disadvantages

In some cases, the swelling of the nasal tip after nose surgery lasts a little longer and is more intense. However, this is a temporary condition and does not affect the final result. 

Major advantages

The main purpose of aesthetic rhinoplasty, however, is to create a beautiful symmetry with a naturally looking nose - especially at the nasal tip. Furthermore, a long-term and stable result is, of course, of utmost importance. This requires not only a good overall view during the procedure, but at the same time a surgical site that is as free of any tension and pressure as possible in front of you. You can only reach such a state by means of the open access procedure.

Perfect details

Imagine you decide to build a small tabletop model of a sailing ship. This ship should preferably include all the details of a large sailing ship and appear to be virtually perfect. It will require a considerable amount of time, but above all you will need enough space and a good overview to be able to have a proper sight of every part of this ship. If you now imagine assembling this ship in a bottle as the so called ship in a bottle, then you can understand that in the end the result is much more difficult to achieve than when the ship is not inside a bottle. 

Our target: The best result possible

Aesthetic nose surgery is the most complex and challenging field of plastic aesthetic surgery. The nose is constantly visible and particularly prominent as it marks the centre of the face. Consequently, the most subtle dislocations and asymmetries can be noticed immediately. That is why we perform the open access procedure almost exclusively in all our nose surgeries. We are committed to attain a long-lasting and beautiful result.