Rhinoplasty: Costs and examples

In a detailed consultation before the rhinoplasty, we will discuss all your questions and, of course, the cost of the rhinoplasty. We would like to provide you with some preliminary information below.

Here is a brief overview:
Depending on the method, a nose correction in our practice costs from 5400 euros for a nose tip correction, a primary rhinoplasty from 6400 euros and a revision rhinoplasty with rib cartilage from 9400 euros, which puts our prices in line with the German average.

Here you can find out what factors make up the price of a nose job, what exactly it is based on and whether your health insurance will cover (part of) the costs.


You can find information on the rhinoplasty procedure here.


Will my health insurance cover the costs of the nose surgery?

The cost of a nose correction is only covered by health insurance if it is a functional problem (e.g. nasal breathing obstruction with a pronounced crooked nose) and / or disfigurement. Aesthetic rhinoplasty, which aims to improve the appearance of the outer nose, is generally not covered by health insurance.

This means that only in the case of an extremely crooked nose, where the airways are blocked due to a massively altered anatomy or in the case of pronounced congenital or acquired nasal deformity (disfigurement) can the full costs be covered by the health insurance company, but only after examination by them. The operation can then be performed in the ENT department of a clinic, but not in our practice.

Combination of functional and aesthetic problems

In a large proportion of rhinoplasties, there is both a functional and an aesthetic problem, whereby the functional problem only relates to a crooked nasal septum and possibly enlarged turbinates.

For these patients, the health insurance company only covers the costs for the medically necessary functional procedure, the straightening of the nasal septum and, if necessary, the reduction of the turbinates, following an indication check. The aesthetic part of the nose operation is of course borne exclusively by the patient.

Costs for the aesthetic part of the operation

Aesthetic nose surgery

From 6400 euros (including the surgical service, anesthesia, overnight stay, pre- and post-treatment, VAT)

Nose tip surgery

From 5400 euros; also including all services and taxes.

nose post-correction (revision rhinoplasty)

From around 7800 euros; also including all services and taxes.

Rhinoplasty with rib cartilage

From 8400 euros; including all the above-mentioned services

What is included in the price?

Preparation for the operation

Our team will prepare you for the rhinoplasty in an appointment lasting several hours with all the necessary examinations. All your questions will be answered in detail and all the necessary procedures before and after the operation will be discussed in detail.

The surgical service

Our exclusive specialization in the nose, years of experience and state-of-the-art techniques, some of which have been developed in our practice, are an important prerequisite for the success of your operation.

Hospital and anesthesia costs

We operate exclusively in hospitals with the highest standards and highly qualified staff. Our anesthesiologists are highly experienced and use the best drugs to minimize your anesthesia risks and make the post-operative period as uncomplicated as possible. Our instruments are definitely the most modern on the market.
To increase your safety after the operation, you will spend one night in the clinic. All this is included in the price of your rhinoplasty.

The aftercare

 Of course, the costs for aftercare are also included in the total price of your rhinoplasty. Adequate aftercare with regular check-ups is an important prerequisite for the healing process.


For aesthetic treatments and operations in Germany, VAT of currently 19% is payable on the total price. This is also included in the prices listed above.

What determines the price of a rhinoplasty?

The price of a rhinoplasty is basically influenced by the degree of difficulty, the duration of the procedure and the surgical method. For example, a complex rhinoplasty with rib grafts is a difficult operation that few surgeons master with regular success. The time and materials required are exceptionally high in this case. There are also other factors that we will be happy to discuss in more detail during your consultation.
The costs of rhinoplasty in our practice are in line with the national average.

In the case of a post-correction due to problems during the healing process, where the surgeon and patient agree on the necessity of the revision, you will only have to pay the anesthetic costs of approx. 850 to 1800 euros. There are always minimal deviations from perfection, which must be tolerated by the patient.N

Note on financing

Payment in installments is not possible in our practice, but there are financing options that we will be happy to inform you about in our practice. This means that you do not have to pay the full price immediately.
Our partner kiwimedical.de can advise you on the possibilities of financing under the most favorable conditions.

Alternative "cheap" surgery abroad?

The question you should ask yourself first is:

Do you really want to take the risk of being several thousand kilometers away from a doctor with limited communication options and a potential language barrier?
Experts in other European countries and in Turkey now have similar prices to those in Germany. A "bargain" is rarely associated with long-term pleasure, and very often the result of a follow-up correction is not crowned with the same success as it could be after the first operation.

Our tip:

Don't be fooled by the loud marketing on social media, perfect perioperative photos, etc., rather trust experts in your area who specialize more in medicine than internet marketing. You often only find out the real reason for the low price later...