Nasal surgery by means of the most advanced techniques

Rhinoplasty is one of the surgical fields in which many new developments have taken place recently. New techniques are emerging as consequence of the complexity of the surgery and the demands it imposes on surgeons, and to some extent we are involved in the development of these new techniques. 


At present, it is not necessary anymore to break the bone, but to cut or model it by means of an ultrasonic instrument. 

Tiny body-derived grafts can be better integrated, positioned more accurately and their viability supported by the use of growth factors; and the nasal bridge can be completely preserved in nose reduction procedures, and much more.


Our Hamburg clinic specializes in aesthetic nose surgery exclusively, and the regular and continuous implementation of the most advanced methods allows us to consistently deliver outstanding results and ensure a high level of comfort and safety for our patients.

Most ideas and methods emerge from the collaboration involving several colleagues. The anatomical components of the Let Down Method have been reviewed here with Peter Palhazi, Eugene Tardy and Olivier Gerbault.