Visual simulation makes it possible

Many patients are bothered by their nose - be it a pronounced nasal hump, a drooping, too bulbous nasal tip or an unsightly crooked nose, e.g. resulting from a previous nose fracture - however, they are not able to verbalize their desired modifications precisely.

Facial analysis

A computer simulation is particularly helpful in working out the aesthetic improvements in detail and facilitates communication considerably. The facial analysis is the first very important part of the interview.


There are many hidden asymmetries in our face that only become apparent upon precise observation and need to be seen in the context of the nose. The horizontal axes of the eyes and eyebrows as well as the vertical facial axis through the nose are particularly interesting examples. Then again, how does the root of the nose relate to the forehead, the nose tip to the chin and to the lips? If you position yourself in front of the mirror, you will notice these irregularities when you observe them for a longer moment. 


The facial asymmetry is so pronounced in some patients that an exact positioning of the nose in the middle emphasizes the "crookedness" of the face  even further and leads to an unattractive overall impression.


Virtual proportion adjustment on the basis of standardized photos

In addition to a detailed examination of the outer and inner nose, we use the information obtained to modify your nose profile on the basis of standardized photos until the proportions correspond precisely with your ideas. It is important for you to understand that a greater forehead angle or a receding chin will make your nose appear larger.


On the other hand, the simulation also enables us to identify clear limits to the surgical possibilities and to provide you with a realistic picture. For not every imagined ideal is feasible. The functionality of the nose has to be preserved in any case. We can therefore schedule the most precise procedure depending on the skin and the quality of the bone and cartilage. 


A simulation, however, will remain somewhat of a virtual reality.

Then reality is inherently linked to limitations. A before-and-after simulation is therefore only a guideline and not a guarantee. As you can learn from our pages, postoperative wound healing, the quality of the tissue and the anatomical conditions play a decisive role. 

Before and after pictures of nasal surgeries

You have certainly noticed that there are no before and after pictures of aesthetic nose corrections aesthetic nose corrections or other plastic surgery procedures on websites from Germany. It is not permitted in Germany to advertise plastic aesthetic procedures by means of before-and-after pictures for reasons of protecting the patient. The point is that patients should not be tempted into medically unnecessary interventions by virtue of one or two attractive results.


We believe that only after a personal consultation with you and an in-depth examination of your nose and face will you be able to decide in favor of or against surgery. 


Photos of our patients

In the course of your personal appointment at our practice, we will also be happy to demonstrate photos of patients who have undergone surgery with us and whose consent has been obtained. These pictures were taken at the earliest one year after the operation. This will give you a realistic picture.

A realistic before-and-after evaluation is only possible after a longer period of time

Photographs taken at the end of a surgery or after the removal of the nose splint are very often featured in relevant social media forums. These pictures are of no value.  At the end of a surgical procedure, the surgical site is swollen by varying degrees. In almost all cases, the nose undergoes significant transformation, especially in the first few weeks after the surgery. The critical aspect, namely the actual change in the nasal structure achieved by means of a wide variety of techniques, is not visible. That is why we reject the so-called "on-table-results". 


The psychology behind the desire


The simulation is also very valuable for us as rhinoplasty surgeons for another reason: we would like to get to know you better and be able to understand why you have decided to undergo aesthetic rhinoplasty. The foundation of trust between you and us is essential for successful work. We will only perform surgery on you if the decision you have made is strong enough and your expectations are realistic.