Dr. Milos Kovacevic

ENT Specialist / Facial Plastic Surgery

Main areas of activity:  functional and aesthetic nasal surgery, revision rhinoplasty

Dr. Milos Kovacevic - Facharzt für HNO Heilkunde, Nasenchirurgie in Hamburg
Dr. med. Milos Kovacevic

Dr. Kovacevic specializes exclusively in aesthetic rhinoplasty, with a particular specialization in complex rhinoplasty. He performs approximately 300 rhinoplasties per year.

Training in the USA, England, France, Turkey and other countries. Regular national and international lecturing activities, author and co-author of many publications in international specialist journals and books on rhinoplasty.

Development and participation in international projects in the field of rhinoplasty, such as the use of the piezo ultrasonic scalpel, full open approach and bone modeling, nasal tip suture, cartilage grafts with fibrin and growth factors, fat grafting in the nasal area, rhinodesis and much more.

Co-founder of the German Rhinoplasty Congress and the International Rhinoplasty Research Society - IRRS.


Visiting professor at Harvard University, Boston, USA, since 2019.

Honorary memberships for special scientific developments:

  • Australian Society for Facial Plastic Surgery
  • Austrian ENT Society
  • Russian Society for Plastic Surgery
  • Serbian Society for Aesthetic Surgery


A bit more about me

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Member of:

American Academy for Facial Plastic Surgery
American Academy for Facial Plastic Surgery
European Academy for Facial Plastic Surgery
European Academy for Facial Plastic Surgery
International Rhinoplasty Research Society
International Rhinoplasty Research Society
The Rhinoplasty Society Europe
The Rhinoplasty Society Europe

Recent lectures

  • Harvard University 2019, Boston, USA
  • Istanbul Rhinoplasty Workshop  2019, Istanbul, Türkei
  • Preservation Rhinoplasty -Nasenkorrektur Kurs mit Live-Operation 2019, Nizza, Frankreich
  • IMCAS 2019, Paris, Frankreich
  • EROC -Nasenkorrektur Kurs mit Live-Operation, Dubai, UAE
  • APKO Sitzung, 2019, Frankfurt
  • 1 Deutscher Rhinoplastik Kongress, Frankfurt
  • Nasenchirurgie Kurs 2019, Erlangen
  • Rhinoplasty Meeting 2019, St. Petersburg, Russland
  • DGPRÄC Jahrestagung 2019, Hamburg
  • Advanced Rhinoplasty 2019, Orlando, USA
  • Rhinoplasty Feast 2019, Buffalo, USA
  • Porto Live Surgery Nasenkorrektur Kurs, Portugal, 2018
  • IMRHIS: International Meeting of Rhinoplasty Societies, Miami, USA
  • Sydney Rhinoplasty, Nasenkorrektur Kurs, Australien 2018
  • MAD Rhinoplasty, Madrid Nasenkorrektur Kurs, Spanien, 2018
  • SOFCEP Meeting, Lyon, Frankreich 2018
  • Erlangen International Course in Facial Plastic Surgery, Nasenkorrektur Kurs, Deutschland 2018
  • Bergamo Rhinoplasty Meeting, Bergamo, Italien 2018
  • Rhinoplasty World Video Symposium, Paris, Frankreich, 2018
  • Odessa Nasenkorrektur Kurs, Ukraine 2017
  • Rhinoplasty and Facial Plastic Surgery, Porto, Portugal 2017
  • Annual Meeting of European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery 2017, Lissabon, Portugal
  • Advances in Rhinoplasty, American Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery, 2017 Chicago, USA
  • IRRS Meeting  2017 in San Francisco, USA
  • Vortrag auf Einladung - University of Pennsylvania 2017, Philadelphia, USA
  • Rhinoplasty Istanbul Workshop 2017, Istanbul, Türkei
  • APKO Workshop 2017, Frankfurt, Deutschland
  • Bremer Septorhinoplastikkurs 2016, Bremen, Deutschland
  • International Meeting of Rhinoplasty Societies 2016, Versailles, Frankreich
  • Septumchirurgie und Grundlagen der Rhinoplastik 2016, Erlangen, Deutschland
  • Meeting of French Plastic Surgeons Society 2016, Bordeaux, Frankreich
  • Norddeutscher HNO-Kongress 2016, Hamburg, Deutschland
  • Rhinoplasty Video Symposium
  • Rhinoplasty Dissection Course 2016, Mailand, Italien
  • 5th Bergamo open rhinoplasty course, Bergamo, Italien 2016
  • IMCAS 2016 Paris, Frankreich
  • Fall Meeting of American Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery, Dallas, USA
  • Advanced Rhinoplasty Meeting 2015, St.Petersburg, Russia
  • Asan Rhinoplasty Symposium 2015 Seoul, Südkorea
  • Internatational Rhinoplasty Workshop 2015 Istanbul, Türkei
  • Milano Masterclass 2015 Mailand, Italien
  • IMCAS 2015 Paris, Frankreich
  • MyRhinoplasty, Royal College of Surgeons, London, England 2014
  • 11th International Symposium of Facial Plastic Surgery 2014, New York, USA 2014
  • 4th Middle East Congress on Rhinology & Facial Plastic Surgery Teheran, Iran 2014
  • 4th Bergamo open rhinoplasty course, Bergamo, Italien 2014
  • 13th International Erlangen course in facial plastic surgery, Erlangen, Deutschland 2014
  • IMCAS 2014 Paris, Frankreich
  • Fall Meeting of American Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery, New Orleans, USA 2013
  • Istanbul International Rhinoplasty Course, Istanbul, Türkei 2013
  • 2nd Annual  Meeting of the Rhinoplasty Society of Europe, Istanbul, Türkei, 2013  
  • Rhinoplasty Video Symposium, Paris, Frankreich 2013
  • 12th International Erlangen course in facial plastic surgery,
  • Erlangen, Deutschland 2013
  • 84.Jahresversamlung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für HNO-Heilkunde,
  • Kopf-und Halschirurgie, Nürnberg, Deutschland 2013
  • World congress of facial plastic surgery
  • "Nose and Face World", Rome, Italien 2012
  • 1. Symposium für Plastische- Ästhetische-
  • und Rekonstruktive Gesichtschirurgie,
  • Hamburg, Deutschland 2012
  • Gründungskongress der Rhinoplasty Society of Europe, Stuttgart, 2012
  • 11th International Erlangen course in
  • facial plastic surgery, Erlangen, Deutschland 2012
  • 3rd Bergamo open rhinoplasty course, Bergamo, Italien 2012
  • 1th International Rhinoplasty Workshop,
  • Avignon, Frankreich 2012


Publikationen von Nasenchirurg Dr. Kovacevic

Acknowledgements / Credits

I would like to thank all the colleagues and friends I have visited and exchange ideas with:


Prof. Dr. Rollin Daniel, Newport Beach, USA


Prof. Dr. Richard Davis, Miramar, USA


Prof. Dr. Charles East, London, England


Dr. Olivier Gerbault, Paris, Frankreich


Dr. Abdülkadir Göksel, Istanbul, Türkei


Prof. Dr. Dean Toriumi, Chicago, USA