Online Consultation

You live outside of Germany and are interested in an aesthetic consultation? In this Dr. Kovacevic can offer you an online consultation. You will find all information about an online appointment below.

How does an online consultation with Dr. Kovacevic work?

You fill out and send us the registration form below. You will then be contacted by our patient manager. You will receive an appointment option for an online consultation via Zoom. If you agree to this appointment, the consultation fee will be due at the same time. We will send you our invoice via email


As soon as the consultation fee is credited to our bank account, you will receive an appointment confirmation from the patient manager with your personal Zoom link. A Zoom account is not required.  If someone invites you to a meeting, you can join as an attendee without having to create an account. However, Zoom must be installed on your phone as an app, or on your computer as well.

How much does an online consultation with Dr. Kovacevic cost?

The cost of this consultation is 90 euros and must be transferred to our account at least one week before the consultation date. 

In case of a cancellation, a refund is unfortunately not possible.


The cost of the online consultation also includes the second appointment with Dr. Kovacevic in Hamburg with a simulation of the nose.

What does surgery cost?

The cost of rhinoplasty starts from 6452,30€ and depends on the effort, severity and complexity. For revision rhinoplasty the costs start from 7800,00€.

What exactly is done?

Dr. Kovacevic will advise you in detail and inform you about the possible surgical techniques and methods, related explicitly to your nose. In addition, during the zoom consultation you will have the opportunity to see before and after pictures of Dr. Kovacevic's performed surgeries. 

Afterwards, you will receive a cost estimate from the patient manager as well as an information sheet with all the relevant information for you about an aesthetic nose correction by email.


If you decide to have surgery with Dr. Kovacevic, it is also possible to make another appointment for an simulation of your nose in the office. 

Note: Please fill out the fields marked with an asterisk.

You are also welcome to send us photos by e-mail. This will enable us to make a more precise assessment in advance.