Ultrasonic rhinoplasty

Does my nose need to be “broken”?

A lot of patients inquire about this issue during the initial consultation, as a nose job is always associated with it. Traditionally, only hammers and chisels have been used to narrow the width of the nose after hump removal, which can be seen in some impressive videos on the Internet. Due to the limited visibility of the structures, some uncontrolled bone fractures, bone splintering or collapse of the lateral walls occurred occasionally, leading to undesirable outcomes.

Bone modeling (rhinosculpting) without bone fracture

A joint project between Dr. Kovacevic and Dr. Gerbault from Paris in early 2014 involved the development of a new and safe approach to rhinoplasty of the bony parts, the so-called Full Open Approach, which opened up new possibilities for nose surgery. Most importantly, it has paved the way for bone remodeling (rhinosculpting) without "breaking the bone". 

Application of piezo technology with direct view of the surgical site

The access also makes it possible to process and cut through bones in direct view by using a piezoelectric instrument (popularly known as an ultrasound instrument) and diamond-tipped instruments, as their use in nasal surgery had previously been limited due to poor visibility. 

Advantages of ultrasonic technology

Further advantages include safe surgery without bone chipping, far superior precision and stability after rhinoplasty, no soft tissue injuries, and reduced bruising. In a joint project of our international research group (Independent Rhinoplasty Research Group), new standards are set for determining in which cases bone modeling (rhinosculpting) and in which cases bone cutting is necessary.


Dr. Kovacevic has extensive experience as one of the world's pioneers of piezoelectric surgery in the nose area, and thus the required security for this “gentle” method of bone processing.


You are welcome to receive information about which method is best for you in a personal consultation.


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